Could you go 21 days in-a-row without complaining?

The idea is very simple.

You put the bracelets on either wrist and you are on day one, when you complain you switch the bracelets to the other wrist and you are on day one again.

Your goal is to go 21 consecutive days without twitching your bracelet.

Every time you switch the bracelet you draw attention to what caused you to complain, which allows you to learn about your complaining habits and change them!

Sounds easy enough but this challenge takes most people 6 months to a year to complete!

Why? Because the average person complains 15-30 times a day and is not even aware of it. It’s like bad breath, you notice it coming out of someone else’s mouth but not your own.  All of those complaints are ruining your life and you don’t even know it. People who complain are less happy, have poor health, unhappy relationships, and limited career success.

So make the change and become complaint free. Discover a life full of happiness and gratitude and watch as you life improves in all aspects.

I finally made the decision to insist that ALL of my employees successfully complete the 21-Day Complaint Free program.  It took a couple of years but…WOW!  Since that time, our business has increased 500%!

Alden C.

My husband and I had filed for divorce!  Then, someone told me about the Complaint Free program and I convinced him to give it a try with me. We agreed to not complain to each other or about each other and slowly we began to remember all the things we love about one other.  Now, the divorce is off it feels like we’re on a perpetual honeymoon.

Laura J.

“I absolutely believe that the Complaint Free challenge kept me sane when my mother passed away.”

Stancil T.

“The Complaint Free program has helped us to take better care of our patients and get along better as a staff.” 

Dr. Ben D.

I now look at life through a different lens.  I’m full of joy and freedom.

Natalie S.

“This has really helped our students.  The world would be a better place if we’d all be given a purple bracelet when we are born.”

Melissa M.




 Take the 21-day Complaint Free Challenge