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Join more than 12 million people worldwide who have taken Will Bowen’s Complaint Free® challenge!

Complaining is an epidemic that is destroying our happiness, relationships, health, and success.  The problem is that most people aren’t even aware when they complain.  As Will Bowen says, “Complaining is like bad breath- – you notice it when it comes out of someone else’s mouth, but not when it out of your own.

1. Put on the Bracelet

Put your bracelet on either wrist – you are now on Day 1 of your 21 Day journey

2. Switch the Bracelet

When you complain, move the bracelet to the other wrist.  You’re now starting over; you’re back on Day 1.

3. Stay With It

The average person takes 4 – 8 months to complete the 21-Day challenge. But stick with it!  Just remember, you can’t complain your way to health, happiness, and success.

Get Bracelets

Select the option that works best for you and your Complaint Free journey.

“My husband and I had filed for divorce! Someone suggested we took the Complaint Free challenge we and agreed not to complain to each other or complain about each other. Slowly, we began to remember all the things we loved about one other. Now, the divorce is off and it feels like we’re on a perpetual honeymoon. Thank you!!

– Kathy M
Seattle, WA

“I finally made the decision to insist that ALL of my employees successfully complete the 21-Day Complaint Free challenge. It took a couple of years but…WOW! Since that time, our business has increased 500%!”

– Alden C.
Houston, TX

“I now look at life through a different lens. I’m full of joy and freedom.

– Natalie S.
Jacksonville, FL

“The Complaint Free challenge has helped us take better care of our patients and get along better as a staff.”

– Dr. Ben D.
Kansas City, MO

“A global pandemic, economic uncertainty and all this other stuff we need everyone to take the Complaint Free Challenge today more than ever!

– Stancil T
New Orleans, LA

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