The 5 Reasons People Complain & How to Get Them to Stop

My goal is not to get you to shut-up and suck up whatever the world sends your way; my goal is to teach you healthy communication skills.

I founded the Complaint Free Movement over a decade ago and we have sent out more than 13 million bracelets worldwide.

In my presentation I explain the 5 reasons why people complain and how to get them to stop. 

Once you understand that people only complain for 5 reasons you can break out of the negativity spiral and work towards a solution.

My speech is packed with practical and game changing information that is presented with engaging stories and humor.

Over 500,000 people on four continents have seen me speak (both on-stage and virtually) and described me as “powerful”, “A game-changer”, “seriously funny”, and “very inspiring,” but my most frequent review is “That was the best keynote we’ve ever had!”

My speech isn’t a pep talk, it changes lives. 

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The 5 Reasons People Complain & How to Get Them to Stop

Complaining is a virus that spreads through an organization infecting everyone with stress, unhappiness, irritability, and poor health.

Will Bowen is the World Authority on Complaining and in this humorous, motivating presentation filled with engaging and inspiring stories, Will shares:

 •    Surprising facts about complaining’s negative effects on health, relationships, and success

•    The real, hard, bottom-line financial costs to complaining

•    Proven techniques for turning negative complaints into positive collaboration

•    How to get what you want without complaining

•    A simple system used by more than 13 million people worldwide to stop complaining

Over 500,000 people on four continents have seen Will speak (both on-stage and virtually) and described him as “Powerful,” “A game-changer,” “Seriously funny,” “Very inspiring,” but his most frequent review is, “That was the best keynote we’ve ever had!”

This isn’t just a pep talk, Will’s presentation changes lives.

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To maximize Will’s long-term impact on your audience, everyone in attendance gets these 3 FREE gifts:

1. A genuine Complaint Free® purple bracelet (as seen on Oprah) so they can all take the 21-Day Complaint Free® Challenge ($7.95 value)

2.Will’s G.R.I.P.E. e-book that recaps his presentation and goes into greater depth ($9.95 value)

3. Will’s daily JumpStart™️ videos – (Priceless! Short, motivational videos delivered every weekday)

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