Wendy Babcock
Director of Complaint Free Training


The day I discovered A Complaint Free World I knew I had to be a part of this movement

As luck would have it, Will Bowen had just begun the search for people interesting in becoming Certified Complaint Free Trainers.

I applied and then spent months learning from Will Bowen and even flew to Kansas City to film my speech with him.

I have done a lot in my life. I left a 13-year abusive marriage, raised two beautiful girls, and got re-married to the man of my dreams.

I hope to make them all proud as I share Will Bowen’s powerful Complaint Free Movement!


Wendy does an amazing job breaking down everyday complaining and how to transform what you say and how you think! I absolutely loved it and will be doing the 21 day NO COMPLAINING challenge.

Cassandra Jean Plunkett

I had the privilege to hear Wendy yesterday at a Thrive local. She is inspiring and I am excited to start the 21 day challenge! Stop complaining and start with gratitude!

Rhonda Riske-Lulloff

Amazing! After hearing you, I did some serious self reflecting, big changes are coming to this life.

Ashley Stinson

I am so inspired and excited to start the 21 day experience!

Rebecca Zahn

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