Back on Day 3

I’m on Day 3. Saturday, I was working on a project that turned out to be far more difficult than expected. When I thought I had it complete, I went to turn everything on and it didn’t work. OK, so what did Mr. Complaint Free do? Well, I was tired and frustrated and so...

Day 5 of the 21 Day Challenge

  I’m now on Day 5 going 21 days without complaining. Thanks for inspiring me with YOUR daily progress updates! FACEBOOK’S NEW ALGORITHM IS A GREAT METAPHOR FOR LIFE… Here’s how it works—let’s say, you LIKE my particular Facebook page and so my...

The first step to leadership

I am currently taking lessons to become a private pilot.  Monday,  my instructor Charlie gave me an important piece of advice with regards to flying that holds true for  leadership as well.  He said a pilot must  always do things in this order: Aviate (Optimal...


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