Many of you know that I was NOT the person who came up with the idea of going 21 days in a row without complaining.

That was Edwene Gaines In her book “The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity.”  

My addition was to  add the purple bracelet as a mindfulness tool. 

Edwene Gaines is a prosperity powerhouse! 

She challenges our beliefs and inspires us to reach our full potential. 

One of my favorite quotes from her is: 

“Contrary to popular belief, God does not  love a martyr. I should know; I played one for years.”

Many of us, myself included, grew up playing the victim role. 

But you can’t be a martyr and also be happy, healthy, and successful. 

Learn to get out of the “poor me“ mindset and start creating the life of your dreams.


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