Will Bowen

I’m back on Day 1 for the 20th time…. Let me say that again, “I’M BACK ON DAY 1 FOR THE 20TH TIME!”

The real challenge behind the Complaint Free challenge–going 21 consecutive days without complaining, is that it’s H-A-R-D. It’s tough to first, realize how much you complain, second, observe yourself helplessly as you continue despite your intention to stop and then, finally, stop complaining. Remember, I have successfully completed this challenge already. And now, 8 years later it has still taking me nearly 5 months–and I’m not there yet.

So, if you’re struggling— struggle. But, stay with it. The only people who don’t succeed are the ones who give up.

I still believe I’ll complete this by August 7, 2014.

How about you?

If you’ve given up in the past, give it another shot!


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