An annual convention, sales conference,

leadership training, or professional development day

is a huge investment of both time and money

And, contrary to popular opinion, all eyes are NOT on the keynote speaker — they’re on YOU, the event planner, to deliver something spectacular!  

You feel great when you put together an event that’s memorable, motivating, inspiring AND fun.  An event where colleagues blow up your phone with “THANK YOU! THAT WAS AWESOME!!”

Then, let’s make it happen.

With over a decade of standing ovations, Will Bowen is a motivational powerhouse and his engaging and entertaining stories are guaranteed to bring you to tears…of laughter!

Why Hire Will 

He’s a true Pro

Will has been an in-demand Motivational Speaker for more than a decade. He’s literally done hundreds of events just like yours.  Will communicates with his clients regularly, shows up early, and is always prepared to bring the excitement!  Crowds as large as 5,000 have been spell-bound by his captivating stories and more than 35,000 people worldwide have watched Will rock the house live!  

He Doesn’t Complain–seriously.

Putting on an event is stressful enough without having to work with a prima-donna speaker.  Will’s goal is to be the easiest speaker you’ve ever worked with.

His mom was right

When Will was a little boy, he told his mom that he wanted to grow up and become a comedian.  “No,”  she said. “It’s too hard to make a living.  Become a funny public speaker like your father.”

So, he did.

He’s an Expert in the field

Will has conducted thousands of hours researching the topic of complaining, much of which he compiled into his #1 International Bestselling book A Complaint Free World. Will is regularly featured in media around the world as an expert on complaining, happiness, and mindfulness.

His clients love him!

Give Will a try and find out why.

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