The power of spiritual communities is that people show up with an intention to grow. They come to church seeking a better life and this gives churches and other houses of worship an incredible opportunity to positively shape willing hearts.

Complaining is a habit—a destructive habit that can be changed through the application of the 21 Day Complaint Free Program. Ministers who have taught the Complaint Free Program have seen increased harmony, greater contribution and a deeper sense of community. In addition, the entire energy of some churches has shifted from negative to positive as the ripple-like effects of the 21 Day Complaint Free Challenge have spread from person to person.

The key to success with this program is for the minister to commit to completing the 21 day challenge and stay with it no matter what. Then, for him or her to share honestly and from the heart what it’s like to slowly give up complaining. Spiritual Leaders who share their own feelings,
struggles and successes give followers a model to follow. And they will follow!
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Will Bowen