You Can’t Complain your way to the Top of the Fortune 500

The Stats are Shocking:

78% of U.S. workers estimate wasting more than 3 to 6 hours every week listening to coworkers complain. For a small business with only 200 employees, that’s $1.2 million every year in lost productivity alone. 

1 out of every 11 people quit their jobs because of complaining coworkers. And these are always the best employees because good people value organizational culture even more than money, opportunity, and recognition. Good people simply don’t want to work in a nest of complainers, so they quit.

Complaining spreads like a weed, choking the life out of any organization. For a team to flourish, leadership must help the people in the organization focus on opportunities rather than problems.

Your biggest competitor is the time and effort that your employees put into complaining, but you can change that! Complaint Free® Businesses enjoy greater creativity and collaboration, higher profits, lower turnover and greater customer satisfaction.

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